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The Festival
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The Festival

Phlegraean Film Festival is the first film festival organized in the Phlaegrean Fields. 
A festival of international scope that will host the talents of national and international short cinema in the Phlegraean territory..​

The Festival has a twofold objective: on the one hand to offer the filmmakers a new and unprecedented space of expression, paying particular attention to the professionalism of their work; on the other, to make the Phlaegrean Fields a showcase with its many architectural treasures open to all Italy.

The Phlegraean Film Festival stands as a solid Italian film reality. For this reason, the prizes for which the participants will compete will be the "great classics" of major film festivals. In order:

Best Short Film
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Soundtrack​

Best Horror Short

Best Production Design

Best Animation Short
Best Documentary Short

Best Music Video

Best EcoShort
Best Photograph

The jury is made up of members of the cultural association "Drazil Production", for years specialized in the film industry, boasting numerous participations in many events of this kind and, to ensure even greater professionalism, they will be joined by external jury for each category. These external jurors will be sector technicians chosen for their competence.​

For the EcoShort contest the Best EcoShort Award will be awarded by Legambiente Campi Flegrei.

The prizes will consist of offical signed certificates for each category, presented to the winners on the day of the award ceremony by one of the members of the cultural association of Drazil Production or by one of the external jury members.​

In addition the Phlegreaean Photograph competition is held.

Phlegraean Photograph is a photo contest that takes place in conjunction with the Phlegraean Film Festival. On this occasion, it was decided to dedicate a space exclusively dedicated to the art of Photography in all its forms, establishing an exhibition of photos that will last for the duration of the event.

The works on display will be judged by the public and the jury and, during the final evening of the event, will be awarded the Best Photograph Award, consisting of a commemorative plaque.

The awards ceremony will be completely dedicated to the competitors and to all those who have made sure that the whole event takes place.


The five nominees for the "Best Short Film" category will be screened, alternating the screenings with the awarding of the other categories by the jurors or guests.

The registration fee is indicated on the platform and varies according to the period in which you submit your movie - costs are more expensive when approaching the final deadline.

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